Recent Publications

  • Crippa G., Baucon A., Felletti F., Raineri G. & Scarponi D. (2018, in Press) – Ecosystem evolution through 1 the early Pleistocene climate change: a multidisciplinary study of the marine Arda River section (Italy). Quaternary Research. (2018, in Press)
  • Fonnesu M., Felletti F., Haughton P. D., Patacci M., & McCaffrey W. D. (2018) – Hybrid event bed character and distribution linked to turbidite system sub‐environments: The North Apennine Gottero Sandstone (north‐west Italy). Sedimentology, Vol. 65, pp. 151-190. DOI: 10.1111/sed.12376
  • Marchetti L., Tessarollo A., Felletti F., & Ronchi A. (2017) – Tetrapod Footprint Paleoecology: Behavior, Taphonomy and Ichnofauna Disentangled. a Case Study from the Lower Permian of the Southern Alps (italy). Palaios, Vol. 32(8), pp. 506-527.
  • Baucon A., de Carvalho C. N., Barbieri R., Bernardini F., Cavalazzi B., Celani A., Felletti F., Ferretti A., Schönlaub H. P., Todaro A. & Tuniz C. (2017) – Organism-substrate interactions and astrobiology: Potential, models and methods. Earth-Science Reviews, Vol. 171, pp. 141–180.
  • Monesi, G. Muttoni, G. Scardia, F. Felletti, F. Bona, B. Sala, F. Tremolada, C. Francou, G. Raineri (2016). Insights on the opening of the Galerian mammal migration pathway from magnetostratigraphy of the Pleistocene marine–continental transition in the Arda River section (northern Italy). Quaternary Research. Vol. 86, pp. 220-231.
  • Fonnesu, M., Patacci, M., Haughton, P. D. W., Felletti, F., & McCaffrey, W. D. (2016). Hybrid Event Beds Generated By Local Substrate Delamination On A Confined Basin Floor. Journal of Sedimentary Research., Vol. 86, 929–943.
  • Felletti, F. (2016). Depositional architecture of a confined, sand-rich submarine system: the Bric la Croce-Castelnuovo turbidite system (Tertiary Piedmont Basin, Oligocene, NW Italy). Italian Journal of Geosciences, 135(3), 365-382.
  • Marini M., Felletti F., Milli S., & Patacci M. (2016). The thick-bedded tail of turbidite thickness distribution as a proxy for flow confinement: examples from Tertiary basins of central and northern Apennines (Italy). Sedimentary Geology, Vol. 341, pp. 96–118
  • Berra F., Felletti F. & Tessarollo A. (2016). Stratigraphic architecture of a transtensional continental basin in hot semi-arid conditions: the Permian succession of the Orobic Basin (Southern Alps, Italy). Journal of Sedimentary Research, 2016, vol. 86, pp. 1–22
  • Felletti F., Dall’Olio E. & Muttoni, G. (2016). Determining Flow Directions in Turbidites: An Integrated Sedimentological and Magnetic Fabric Study of Two Miocene Turbiditic Systems (Northern Apennines, Italy). Sedimentary Geology,  Vol. 335, pp. 197-215. DOI:
  • Colombera L, Mountney N.P., Howell  JA., Rittersbacher A., Felletti F. & McCaffrey W.D. (2016). A test of analog-based tools for quantitative prediction of large-scale fluvial architecture. AAPG Bulletin, Vol. 100, pp. 237–267
  • Baucon A. & Felletti F. (2016). Does the Ichnogis method work? A test of prediction performance in a microtidal environment, in Contributions to Modern and Ancient Tidal Sedimentology: Proceedings of the Tidalites 2012 conference (eds B. Tessier and J.-Y. Reynaud), John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester, UK. doi: 10.1002/9781119218395.ch3, Vol 47, 35-61 pp.
  • Crippa, G., Angiolini, L., Felletti F., Raineri, G, Leng M. (2016). Storie paleoclimatiche di conchiglie fossili nel Parco dello Stirone e del Piacenziano. Gazzetta Ambiente. Rivista sull’Ambiente e il Territorio, Vol. 5, pp. 59-69
  • Comunian A., De Micheli L., Lazzati C., Felletti F., Giacobbo F., Giudici M. & Bersezio, R. (2016). Hierarchical simulation of aquifer heterogeneity: implications of different simulation settings on solute-transport modeling. Hydrogeology Journal, Vol. 24, pp. 319–334.
  • Crippa G., Angiolini L., Bottini C., Erba E., Felletti F., Frigerio C., … & Raineri G. (2016). Seasonality fluctuations recorded in fossil bivalves during the early Pleistocene: Implications for climate change. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Vol. 446, pp. 234-251
  • Marini M., Patacci M., Felletti F. & Mccaffrey W.D. (2016). Fill to spill stratigraphic evolution of a confined turbidite mini-basin succession, and its likely well bore expression: The Castagnola Fm, NW Italy. – Marine and Petroleum Geology. Vol. 69, pp. 94-111
  • Southern S.J., Patacci M., Felletti F. & McCaffrey W.D. (2015) – Influence of flow containment and substrate entrainment upon sandy hybrid event beds containing a co-genetic mud-clast-rich division. Sedimentary Geology, Vol. 321, pp. 105–122.
  • Felletti F., Marini M.,  Beretta G.P.,  Terrenghi J.,  Sapelli F. (2015) – Using large subsoil data repositories to model 3D hydrofacies distribution: A case study from Porto Marghera and the Lagoon of Venice (NE, Italy). Proceedings of IAMG 2015 – 17th Annual Conference of the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences. pp. 823-832
  • Fonnesu M., Haughton P., Felletti F. & McCaffrey W. (2015). Short length-scale variability of hybrid event beds and its applied significance. Marine and Petroleum Geology, Vol. 67, pp. 583-603
  • Baucon A., Venturini C., Neto de Carvalho C., Felletti F. & Muttoni G. (2015) – Behaviors mapped by new geographies: Ichnonetwork analysis of the Val Dolce Formation (lower Permian; Italy-Austria).  Geosphere, Vol. 11, pp. 744-776, doi:10.1130/GES00994.1
  • Talling P., Allin J., Armitage D., Arnott R., Cartigny M., Clare M. A., Felletti F., Covault J., Girardclos S., Hansen H., Hill P., Hiscott R., Hogg A., Clarke J.H.,. Jobe Z. R., Malgesini G., Mozzato A., Naruse H., Parkinson S., Peel F. J., Piper D.J.W., Pope E., Postma G, Rowley P., Sguazzini A., Stevenson C.J., Sumner E., Sylvester Z., Watts C. & Xu J. (2015) – Key future directions for research on turbidity currents and their deposits. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 85, 153-169.
  • Malgesini G., Talling P.J., Hogg A.J., Armitage D., Goater A. & Felletti F. (2015) – Quantitative analysis of submarine-flow deposit shape in the Marnoso-Arenacea Formation: what is the Signature of hindered settling from dense near-bed layers. Journal of Sedimentary Research, Vol. 85, pp. 170–191.



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