I am a graduate from the University of Milan in Italy, where I was also awarded a PhD degree in 2001, in collaboration with the Geostatistical Center of the École National Superiore des Mines de Paris (ENSMP). Since 2002, I have been Lecturer at the Earth Science Department of the Milan University. My teaching duties include Geostatistics, Sedimentary Geology and Facies analysis. I am also a member of the didactic staff of the PhD courses held at the same Department, being recently the supervisor of 4 PhD Students.

My research focuses on the study of sedimentary systems, from facies analysis to the geostatistical modelling of the basin fills, aiming also to characterise the siliciclastic and carbonate units both as hydrocarbon reservoirs and as groundwater repositories, within their stratigraphic framework. I am currently involved in three main projects: i) multi-disciplinary approach to understanding deep marine clastic systems, ii) characterisation and modelling of aquifers and aquitards, iii) facies characterization in extensional continental basins.

My publication record includes more than 40 papers in peer-reviewed books and journals; this is an average of 4 papers per year since 2001.

Member of International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS), Italian Sedimentological Group (GEOSED).

Regular reviewer for a broad range of international Earth Science journals (incl. Sedimetology, Sedimentary Geology, Journal of Hydrology).


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